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  • 400 litre per day genuine Dow Filmtec membrane @50 psi, 600 LPD @ 100psi
  • First stage – Omnipure CL10PF5 sediment cartridge
  • Second stage – Omnipure CL10RO-T40
  • Third stage – Genuine Dow Filmtec TFC Membrane (standard by which all other membranes are measured)
  • Fourth stage – Omnipure CL10RO-T40
  • Aerator diverter
  • Size, 18 cm high, 35 cm long & 17 cm wide.
  • Installation and operation manual

Counter top units are great for people that are renting or don’t have room for a full size system under the sink.  The unit it also portable so you can take it to the holiday house as well!

There is no facuet with this unit, there is the water line in and then there are two tubes coming out from the unit, one is the waste and the other is the drinking water.


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