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If you have bought what seemed like a great water filter and have now found out that the price for new cartridges is extreme then this is for you.  Throw out that filter assembly and replace it with this and new cartridges for less than the price of new proprietary cartridges and all future filter changes will be much cheaper.

If you have 1/4″ pipe on your current system all you need to do is cut the pipe on the input and output side of your filter, remove your filter, and then install this.

These conversion kits have John Guest fittings supplied that are rated to 235 psi pressure. They are standard 9.75″ (10″) x 2.5″ filter housings.

There are no filter cartridges supplied with this unit. You are free to choose the cartridge that best suits your needs.  We would recommend the Doulton Ultracarb in a single filter system.

If you are converting an Amway water filter system you will need 2 x 3/8″ to 1/4″ tube joiners and some 1/4″ tube, if your current system is using 3/8″ tube.


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